Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Stills: Potluck, Wisteria

Some Wisteria and a pic of me as a kid for my B-day....


  1. Well happy birthday. I hope you've slowed down the partying as you've gotten older!;)
    The wisteria is beautiful, wish we had some growing here.

  2. My favorite color -- purple... and the beer party picture is adorable! Happy Birthday!

  3. Ummm....feeling wistful (wisteria) of days gone by, Ed? hehe!

    Even back then you were quite a wild one, eh?

    Happy Birthday, my bud!
    Sure hope it's great one.....just like your wisteria photos :)


  4. Fifteen years ago, we took our daughters to the Smithsonian air and space museum. I was amazed. I was braved enough to take two kids on my own to the children's zoo when my husband was at a conference.

    Now my son wants to go.

    There is this Chinese Cantonese tradition. One a 1 year old's birthday, the kid shown a whole array of things including a bottle or beer, chicken, hammer, abacus, book, money etc. The idea is what ever the kid chooses, that is what his future will be like.

    Did you Dad hear about this Chinese custom? LOL


    Hi Ed, I wrote a long comment on the above post and the computer crashed. So I give you the link above.

  6. Yay Happy Birthday! Cute pic!! And gorgeous Wisteria...captivating!