Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Stills: Pets

I admit I went to the archives for this classic shot of me and my pet Rocky from 1980 or 1981.


  1. So were you Bullwinkle? hehe! You look a little tired in that shot. Perhaps Rocky cast an evil spell on you...."Poppies....oooo...Poppies!" (Remember Wizard of Oz?)

    Sitting here sipping my pumpkin spice coffee being thankful for your recent great tip for buying Coffeemate holiday flavors. Sure beats driving out and spending $4.00 for a tiny Starbucks' Grande. lol!

  2. This is a squirrel? How did you catch it?

    There is NO squirrel in New Zealand.

    In Borneo, you don't want to be a squirrel.

    In Singapore, in the campus of NTU, there is a naughty squirrel that comes into apartments and rummage the kitchen rubbish, leaving a trail.

  3. Now I bet THAT is an interesting story!

  4. Love your pet Rocky... oh my Gosh! He is quite a bit different then my pet Rocky :)