Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Stills: Currency


  1. Those mercury dimes are all in collections as you don't see them very often any more. Nice shots, especially the spinning coin. That is cool!

  2. Great shots all, but the "Spinning Coin" -That is too cool Ed!!
    Neat about your Army Commanders man realy loves to get them.Like to see yours sometime.
    We have some Buffallo head Nickles and a Liberty half dollar or two that is our houses age is sooo flat the writing almost cannot be seen.
    Thanks again..for the fun!

  3. You made me smile right off with Tigger! And I LOVE the spinning coin shot! Well done.

  4. Ah yes, your post reminded me that if I had dug through my change jar I would have found some interesting foreign currency. The spinning coin is a nice touch.