Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Stills: Photoshop


  1. Way cool Ed. I love the last shot the best though, creepy and cool.

  2. Ed, this was a great challange, and these are great. The mushrooms look deep fried!

    That third one is eerie!

    As for Picnik, it is very easy. They have a free basic editing, and for a small amount, they offer an extended editing option.

  3. Great shots. Photoshop can save a bad picture sometimes for me and sometimes I just have to trash it and quit trying. Enjoy you photos.

  4. I guess I got confused..I did the photoshop..just messed around in Picasa then noticed it was the letter C? Hmm?
    I love fungus! This looks nifty-

  5. Very cleverly done. The last photo looks like a glass toy and you shone coloured lights through it.

    What kind of fungi is that? edible?